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2021 Fall Colors Ride in the Mountains of Pennsylvania

Discussion in 'South East Victory Owners' started by Army Tanker, Oct 6, 2021.

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    2021 Fall Colors Ride in the Mountains of Pennsylvania

    A few of us from the northern Virginia area are going to take a multi-day, multi-state ride to Pennsylvania starting tomorrow morning. T-CLOCS is done, travel luggage is packed and on the bike, vacation time from work is all set, and my Sena 50s Bluetooth helmet communicator is charging. I'm all set for tomorrow morning's ride. Come on weather forecast; work with us. I haven't been on a multi-day, multi-state ride since I think 2018 or 2019 when I met up with with some Great Lakes Road Rider friends in southeastern Ohio to ride such routes as the Ohio State Route 555 "Triple Nickel." So I'm looking forward to the 2021 Fall Colors Ride.

    Even packed my spare motorcycle key just in case I lose my primary motorcycle key. During my first-ever multi-day, multi-state ride from Michigan to southeastern Ohio to ride the Ohio State Route 555 "Triple Nicklel" many years ago, I once dropped my motorcycle key in my hotel room, and inadvertently kicked it under my bed as I was frantically tearing my room apart looking for that key. And, you guessed it, I didn't bring a spare key with me on that ride. An hour or so later, after I finally found the key under my hotel bed, I made it a point to have THREE spare keys made that day.

    Whew - I nearly forgot. No multi-day, multi-state motorcycle load plan would be complete without snacks to munch on during the occasional rest stop. Class 1 supplies are a must-have (the big-three classes of supplies are: Class 1 is food and water, Class 3 are petroleum, oil, and lubricants, Class 5 is ammo). Trail mix, check. Sweet Baby Ray beef jerky, check. Cold French vanilla-flavored coffee, check (gotta have some foo-foo-flavored coffee). That's some good pogey-bait. No C-rations nor MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). And I long-ago lost my P-38 can-opener. If we were to stop by the occasional small town German backerei for some brotchen and metzgerei for some cold cuts, slathered with either mayonnaise or mustard, and it would feel like an Army field training exercise out through the German countryside.
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    I don’t know where in PA you’re going but if you can look for a little coal town named Mahanoy City. From there take route 339 north to Boomsburg, it’s a pretty good ride. Just about anywhere on rt 6 is nice outside of a city. Also if you’re going into NY take a look at rt 97 “Hawks Nest” just on the other side of the PA border. The leaves might be changing up there already.

    ETA: Just about all of rt 30 west of I-81 is good twisty back mountain road to ride.
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