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2011 XC transmission grinding noise

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Just got back from a 500 mile road trip to the Cape and back on my 2011 XC with 2000 miles on it. When I was stuck in traffic leaving the Cape I noticed when I was in second and shifted down to first then letting the clutch out there is a loud grinding/ratcheting noise coming out of the gearbox. I also heard it doing the same in second gear at least once. I ignored it and rode another 200 miles. When I was coming down my street once home I thought I would try it again and sure enough there is a very loud mechanical grinding noise when letting out the clutch in 1st or second gear when slowing down. The bike is definitely all the way in gear when this happens. Anyone know what this might be? I know I have to take it in but thought someone might know what it is. I have been complaining about this loud whirring noise from the primary since new, I wonder if it's related.
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