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2011 X country...Cams? Stage1?

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Website is confusing

Does the 2011 XC have the stage II cams?
Also, it states a louder street legal exhaust..is that a stage 1 or do we still have to purchase it complete with air filter and down load?

Thanks for the help!
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Salty said:
Thanks Kevin!
I had heard the stage II cams were no big deal.
Hey did you read in another thread that we have 4 Canucks for cam treatment?
Too late in the year for us now, I wonder what the closest place in the US to our location is?
Great Falls but maybe there is somewhere in between too.

If I get this XC I will be looking to give her your treatment somehow, somewhere.

I had not read this, but would love to get this set up for you guys whenever it works for you. Maybe you could shoot me a google map with your locations and we will see what it takes to find a convieniant host
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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