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uknessie said:
Chesshiretuna said:
What's new about the Engine and transmision??? Don't all Visions have 6 speed overdrive and 106 freedom motors??
From the snippets I have read the 106 engine will come with stage 1 as the transmission is nearly new with very little whine meaning they can allow a little more noise through the pipes.
Understand that when Victory is talking Stage 1 and Stage 2 in regards to the 106 motor, they are talking cams not performance stage kits. All fat tire bikes last year had the "stage 2" cams while the Vision, Vegas, Kingpin and Cross bikes had the "stage 1" cams. They have simply expanded that this year to include stage 2 cams in all bikes except the Vision and Cross dressers... Both the stage 1 cams and stage 2 cams are EPA compliant and both cams are poor performers when compared to non-EPA cams such as Lloydz VM-1s.

Vic is not giving away free performance stage 1 kits... Stage 1 kits are non-EPA compliant and are clearly stamped for offroad/race use only right on the mufflers...

Here is a copy/paste from Vic's website:

The biggest news from Victory is that every 2011model has the Victory Freedom® 106/6 V-Twin, a 106-ci firebreatherpaired with a totally redesigned 6-speed transmission. There are twoversions of this engine.
• The Freedom 106/6 Stage 2 V-Twin with a specialStage 2 cam package unleashes 97 horsepower and 113 ft.-lb. of torque.This engine powers all cruiser models, including the three 8-Ballcruisers.
- Vegas Jackpot
- Hammer
- Hammer S
- Vegas
- Kingpin
- Hammer 8-Ball, Vegas 8-Ball and Kingpin 8-Ball
- Zach Ness Signature Series Vegas 8-Ball
• The Freedom 106/6 Stage 1 V-Twin produces animpressive 92 horsepower and 109 ft.-lb. of torque. It powers all 2011touring models.
- Victory Vision Tour
- Victory Cross Country
- Victory Cross Roads
- Cory Ness Signature Series Cross Country
- Arlen Ness Signature Series Victory Vision Tour
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