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Due to ongoing health issues I am selling my heavily worked on Vegas VEGPIN.
Has all the Lloydz bits on +PC V, Conquest Octanes, clutch, ignition, brake master cylinder, cam tensioner covers and open primary. Victory only spiked fork top indicators, custom cheese wedges, kingpin footboard, Mustang rider & pillion seat to name but a few extras.
PC V tuning done by Boz at Powerglide in Kent to give rear wheel figures of: 119.4,BHp & 121.4 ft/lbs, 100 BHp kicks in at 2100 rpm and rises before dipping under the 100 & 6000 rpm (rev extended via PCV to 6300)

Currently has no MOT as I don't have the ability to ride to test centre or funds for the new rear tyre which is basically all that's needed to get it through the test.
Looking for £6,300 ONO.
You could probably get this back from breaking it as the custom and tuning parts are worth a few quid alone, although this would be a shame.

Why so cheap...... I am fed up looking at something I can't use and realising what I'm missing so just want it gone to someone who will use and appreciate it. . Am also selling my Yamaha XJR1200 as I don't think I will be able to ride again for atleast a year and even then it will have to be something lightweight (think Royal Enfield)
(forks now have black lower gaiters so bike is properly murdered)

Price also includes all original parts that I have onsite. Including, NEW unused battery, LH forkleg, spare front fender and an 08 black kingpin tank. Only parts missing are original exhausts & hanger + standard Airbox.
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