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2010 CC Trunk

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I finally bought the trunk, uplift kitand very pleased with the exception of the lock being on backorder until November. I put a 7/8" plastic cap (from the localhardware store)in place of the lock hole, looks like it was made for it.
Installation was pretty simple...fender was easy to remove. Trunk cable plugs into cable under left side cover. Took me about 2.5 hours...wasn't in a hurry.
With the trunk speakers the sound is "Awesome"...No need for an amp.
The led running and brake lampsare very bright.
Best of all my wife is very pleased with the comfort.
Also added the Memphis Shades lowers...only had a chance to ride a couple of miles, but it seemed to get rid of most of the buffeting from under the fairing.

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phoenix9 said:
Is the trunk a "quick release"? That would be very very cool if you could pop it on or off in a matter of seconds.....even I would like that.
Yes, it is a quick release.
NFIDEL said:
Did it come in midnight cherry or did you have to get it painted? The spending the $$$ then having to get it painted has turned me off so for. I would love it to be quick release also because I don't haul anybody around normally.....
Did you go with Memphis Shades kit or make your own?
It came painted to match. I used the Memphis Shades kit.
tsdavis said:
Still waiting on mine. Ordered it a few weeks ago.
Hope you ordered the lock. It took mine 10 days to come in.

redpin04 said:
had my trunk since 2 days after they released them.

It works very well, looks decent, love the additional lighting and has decent weight capacity.

I'll still complain about the price of it though.
I wasn't crazy about the price, but the dealertook about $275 off the purchase price of the trunk and uplift kit. (15%)
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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