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2008 Victory Vegas Jackpot front tire.

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I went on a ride yesterday with my 2008 Jackpot the road had quite a few curves that had signs posted at 50mph I was doing around 70 ish. I noticed that the front end started feeling real loose. I'm assuming this has to do with the narrowness of the front tire? Would putting a wider tire on the front help its handling in the twisties and if so how wide can I go without alterations?
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What brand of tire are you running, how old is it, what pressure are you running?

If you're on the throttle that front tire looses every time.

The 90 90 21 is all you're going to get in the Vegas fender. The Avon Cobra, Metzler 888 and Pirelli Night Dragons are a couple of favorites @35-38psi.

As the temps drop your grip will too. Tires also lose grip as they age.

Btw someone on here has done a Jack Hammer. Put a Hammer 18" on the front.

Then there is the Magnum front wheel and fender. That could be a fun project?[/QUOTE]
I'm running the factory Dunlop and I'm pretty sure it's the original front tire. The rear is needing replaced and I'm planning on going with the Metzeler 880XXL 260 when I do that.
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If I put a radial tire on the back do I need a radial on the front also? The Metzeler ME 880 XXL is a radial but in the size I need for the front all I'm finding is bias ply.
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