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1000km report

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Well, picked up the 2011 XC in black on Fri at 5pm. I have to wait for the ipod cord and heated seat to arrive but he threw in the hiway peg set up and a pair of shiny new black mirrors. Also have the quick release back rest for Momma when not riding her KP.
Also gave me the 1100$ CDN military coupon, discounts on all parts and no charge install on the heated grips.
160kph ride home up and down through the gears to vary the rpm some
It took longer then normal that way so, the sun was going down on a nice +18c day making it feel cold. Arrived home to take off the stickers, remove the backrest and tank emblems..ride was absolutely great, light weight, handled beautifully and good power. Same stage 1 exhaust etc as my Vision but with big mouth tips...a lot quieter though..but should deepen up.
Up at 5:30, over to local Tim Hortons for coffee and a biscuit and off to Edmonton(300+kms) at 06:30 +5c but hit a nice high of +25c on the way home
Ran all the way with a buddy riding his 1980 Tour Glide with shovel engine..damn thing sounds great! Bike was flwless, just needs the exhaust deeper LOL MOtor ticks and whirs but...the tranny was smooth as butter everytime, all the time.
You can hear the primary gear but no biggie, had gear driven cams in my STreet Glide that made a little whirring too
Up SUnday morning, quick oil change and off again on a cloudy but 18c day
Awesome, OEM shield creates a bit of buffetting but mostly wind noise. I'll pick up something over the fast approaching winter and make some lowers.
SOme black parts over the winter and maybe some ole school stripeing work.
Not the wind protection of a Vision of course but I was comfortable for every km and never once wated to get off to stretch legs etc
Love it!
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Congrats brother on picking up your XC,, You'll love every minute of it.

Keep up the reports..

I am up to 7000Km and still Loving it..

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