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  1. Victory General Discussion
    Just filled up the 2018 Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental today after putting 218.2 miles on the tank of fuel two up riding with the wife. It took 4.736 gallons of fuel, so 218.2 miles divided by 4.736 = 46.07 MPG The fuel tanks holds a total of 6.6 gallons of fuel so deduct 4.736 gallons...
  2. Victory General Discussion
    I have now owned this 2018 Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental for 17 months now and have put on 23,174 miles on it. I have done multiple Blackstone oil samples and the engine shows great wear numbers. According to the Blackstone report: Aluminum for my engine is 3 parts per million /...
1-2 of 2 Results