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  1. Motorcycle Parts
    throttle clutch and brake cables by Barnett Wiring by Namz Shipping worldwide ask for postage quote
    $250 USD
  2. Tech Q&A
    Need help from the wiring/audiophiles. I have a 2017 XC. I've purchased a trunk as an add on. I know that the head unit is the same as the Magnum and only a 2 channel with a passive signal coming out of the trunk hookup under the side panel. I have one of the extreme saddlebag speaker amps...
  3. Victory Magnum
    I've had my '16 Magnum for a year now, and decided it was time to finally put the saddlebag speakers in. I bought the matching lids, because I don't paint. I bought the speaker grills, harnesses and amp mount, because I work at a place that has all of the hardware you can imagine, in every...
  4. Tech Q&A
    Hi everyone as the title says I have a 1999 victory 92c basket case I bought for $900. The story is that the previous owner took it to a guy to have the transmission gone through and have broken shifting forks replaced. The guy did the engine work but didn't put the bike back together. So I...
  5. Victory Cross Roads
    I just picked up replacement Cheese Wedges for my 2011 Cross Roads. The dimples were drilled out and LEDs installed. The kit didn't have any instructions on where to run the connector wiring from the battery to the connectors for the wedges. I can't find any diagrams on how the wiring Harness...
1-5 of 5 Results