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  1. Victory Vegas
    I installed a memphis shade fairing on the bike recently. I have a few different windhshields i ordered. the 12" straight shield, a 9" spoiler style and a 6.5 inch spoiler. I am getting major wind buffeting at 60 and over, and I am struggling with finding a solution. I've adjusted the height...
  2. Tech Q&A
    I need the bottom two part pin that holds the clear wind wing to the black mounting assembly. Not sure I can even buy just that pin so might need something else that the wing can pivot on. Idea's appreciated? One part comes in from the top and the other comes in from the bottom and they lock up.
  3. Victory Cross Country
    To make a long story short I went on the Vic Owners FB page to see what people had done to replace broken fork guards. Had a guy send me a link to Victory Wind Deflectors with built in fork seal guards They make victory XC Fork Guards/Wind Deflectors. I'm pretty much sold on them and am...
  4. Victory Cross Country
    Hey fellow Cross Country riders I want to know what types of helmets everyone has, and if you have multiple for different situations, does one helmet make buffeting better or worse? Obviously there are a lot of buffeting threads, and "fixes" all over, there are also helmet threads as well, but...
1-4 of 4 Results