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  1. Victory General Discussion
    Hey, so I have a 2014 victory highball, I had a dual air intake installed and an aftermarket exhaust. I also got a power Commander 5 for it and took it to a local shop to get it tuned. After my bike was tuned, I noticed that I had to give it a little bit of gas to start it and hold the throttle...
  2. Victory High-Ball
    Hey, VOGers. I'm stoked to own a 2017 Highball. New rider. First bike. Posted some pictures in the Gallery and ready to be a Baller! Thought I'd say Hello!!!
  3. Victory High-Ball
    What's up Vog family. The moment y'all have been waiting for lol, here's the final specs of my 16 victory Highball. I had purchased the RPW Victory Boomsticks, custom air intake (Victory Motorcycle 08-15 cruiser intake), a power commander 5! I got it installed here at Hypersports in Oceanside...
1-3 of 3 Results