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  1. Victory Vegas
    I need a little help, I don't know how to remove the chrome handle bar weight at the end of my throttle grip, Going to install Lloyds quarter turn throttle spacer And in all of my preparation I can't figure out the first step. ‍♂️hoping for a little help. I've tried twisting with my hands and I...
  2. Victory Vegas
    Wanting to put some floorboards on my Vegas. Looking for recommendations. How much messing around with the controls does this require ?
  3. Victory Vegas
    I am probably digging my own grave and should have posted here months ago. *I am not mechanically inclined* I recently just added the Lloydz Torque Tubes with K&N Filters, Lloydz Timing Gear, and a Power Commander V on my 13' Victory Vegas 8 Ball. I have not gotten it dyna tuned yet, and loaded...
  4. Victory Cross Country
    Hi there! I have recently ourchased a Vegas 8 ball (2016 model) and it is my absolute babe! Having a bit of drama with some extras im after thoufh and was wondering if anyone here had some advice to this newbie. Firstly, I am after a batwing and like the look of the Memphis Shades one...
  5. Victory Vegas
    Can anyone tell me what kind of risers/bars these are and maybe where to get them?
  6. Victory Vegas
    Do any of ya all have this back rest? If so, is it comfy and does it do it's job pretty good? Also, the Arlen Ness Shooter slip on pipes, are they as good as what this youtube video shows/sounds? Getting my new Victory soon, can't wait!
  7. Victory General Discussion
    How many hours of labor would it normally take to install Hacker Ripper exhaust, Lloydz Torque Tubes with IAV, Lloydz VM-1-DR cams, a PCV, and a map on a 2016 Vegas? Just a rough estimate.
  8. Victory Vegas
    I would like to change the rear sprocket on my 2012 vegas 8 ball from black to chrome. Will a sprocket from any year (lets say 2006 and up) work? Or did they change the teeth certain year. I am looking at one that came off a 2007 that is supposedly a 70 tooth. Also is the sprocket the...
  9. Victory Vegas
    I'm looking for a café fairing for my 16 Vegas (round headlight). I was looking at Memphis Shades Café fairing, because I know their Bullet fairing will fit with mounting brackets for a VTX1300C, and a fairing fit for a Fatboy. I asked them if the Café fairing would fit just like the bullet and...
  10. Victory General Discussion
    On the Witchdoctors website, there are two different types of throttle rings for sale (4 if you count the aftermarket grip versions of each). Two are the Lloydz brand, and the other two are something else. They're currently offering a free non-Lloydz ring with purchase of grips. Planning on...
  11. Victory High-Ball
    I've been getting the winter itch to do something with my Highball. So, I've been looking to add some sort of fairing to my Highball. A bullett or club style - or something like that. I have a windshield I use for trips, but I't definitely doesn't fit the whole vibe of the bike... I found this...
  12. Tech Q&A
    2013 Vegas 8-Ball started blowing fuel pump fuses. Bike would run for about 5 seconds and then cut out, blowing the fuse. I took the pump/regulator assembly out of the tank. I connected the pump to the electrical leads and turned on the key. The pump cycled but did not blow the fuse...
1-12 of 12 Results