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  1. Tech Q&A
    My wife's 2011 Kingpin lost turn signals. There was an LED out in the rear and I have replaced it. All 4 corners work when the hazards are on but L and R indicators do nothing. Is this just a bad flasher? If so any advice on where to get one?
  2. Other Victory Models
    Hi, I'm looking for quality aftermarket front turn signals that fit a 2005 Victory V92TC. Either that, or an OEM for the front left. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Tech Q&A
    Good Evening all, Short Version: install the load equalizer first to avoid any confusion. Not enough resistance in the circuit will cause things that aren't described in service manual. Long Version: This week is closing alot better than it started for me. So from the start my Stock...
  4. Victory Vegas
    Hey everybody. I would like to know if there's a way to remove the turn signal flasher permanently on a 2013 Vegas 8ball. The turn signals I'm trying to install aren't working properly. Here's why I want to remove the flasher: -My front turn signals are the KiWav axe mirrors. They have a line...
  5. Tech Q&A
    I have a 2016 Highball and decided to relocate the license plate. I took off the license plate mount, disconnected the rear turn signals and light above the license plate. I taped up the loose wires and zip tied them under the rear fender. i put on a side mount license plate bracket. when i...
  6. Tech Q&A
    2011 Cross County, added LED turn and brake plate frame, replaced stock rear turns with another set of LED's and then ran LED turns on my floor boards, so I have 3 sets of LED for the rear turn, and the stock LED turns in the front. When I run the signals all work, but when I run the bike idle...
  7. Victory High-Ball
    Hi all, new to the forum and trying to figure out what I need to put LED turn signals on, and eventually a LED headlight, other than the load equalizer. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, and I've done wiring, but I avoid the electrical if at all possible. I have seen a ton of threads on this...
  8. Victory General Discussion
    I had to order a new rear left turn signal for my Vegas. How do you install it with the new wiring? It looks like the wiring is going well into the fender; too far more me to reach. They are the stock OEMs on a 2016.
  9. Victory Vegas
    Can you interchange the turn signals (front and rear) of a Vegas with turn signals from an Octane? If so, what all has to be done and purchased?
  10. Victory Vegas
    Hi everyone I ride a 07 Vegas Premium. Well last night the right front OEM turn signal just snapped while on a ride. I never liked the look of them anyway, and now its time to replace them. Where can I find front turn signals for the Vegas and which do you recommend? Should I attempt to...
  11. Victory Vegas
    So i'm having some weird issues with my turn signals. I have done some research and concluded that i need to replace the ACM. But I'd like to get some other opinions just to be sure. I bought a 2007 Vegas about a month ago. I soon noticed that when I used the turn signals the indicator light...
  12. Victory Cross Country
    So I was riding home the other day on '13 XC and noticed that one of my turn signals was flashing fairly fast on my dash. So when I got home I got off and left the bike running to check all the signals to see if any needed replacing. I turned on the four ways and all signals worked fine...
  13. Victory High-Ball
    i have a 2015 highball and i ordered the gunner rear LED turn signal kit to clean up the look of the bike does anyone know if the wiring will work? and if i will need anything else to go with it?
  14. Victory Cross Country
    Decided I wanted something that was higher and to the outside for better visibility for those in my blind spot. So myself and Ben Diaz installed these LEDS on the inside of dash just above the speakers. Total cost approx $70. using two 3.6", Ampd Flex super bright LEDS from Radiantz. Took...
1-14 of 14 Results