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  1. Victory Kingpin
    So I’m beginning to finalize my plan for adding Cams to my 04 kingpin. I already have a PC II and torque tubes. I will also install Lloyd’z VM1 cams with RPW 2-1 slash cut pipes. What all do I need to do tuning wise? How can I adjust ignition timing?
  2. Tech Q&A
    Hello Vic's I have long wondered why there are differences in the tables SD Baro Comp of steel frames and aluminum frame models. Does anyone know anything? Thanks a lot Stele frame Alu frame
  3. Victory General Discussion
    So, I've been upset for a bit that I can't watch what's going on with my bike while running it, and not going to spend another 200 on a pod to log data, nor am I going to record huge video files watching the power commander program. screwing with the CAN of course it's a special dynojet...
1-3 of 3 Results