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  1. Victory Vision
    I just got home from work after I got caught in what has to be the worse rain I've ever ridden in. It was attacking me like I was Forest Gump. What made it really bad was it started on a slow stretch with many lights making sure I got good and soaked. That paired with the idiots that forget how...
  2. Victory General Discussion
    Installing Hacker pipes, Lloydz cams, Lloydz Torque Tubes with IAV, PCV, dyno tuned. Will the torque tubes alone make the bike louder, or would it sound the same with or without? Just curious if air intakes actually pump up the volume of pipes. I've always done both mods together, so never...
  3. Victory Cross Country
    To make a long story short I went on the Vic Owners FB page to see what people had done to replace broken fork guards. Had a guy send me a link to Victory Wind Deflectors with built in fork seal guards They make victory XC Fork Guards/Wind Deflectors. I'm pretty much sold on them and am...
1-3 of 3 Results