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  1. Tech Q&A
    Good morning all just bought a 2010 victory cross country, it’s my first victory, engine is surging idles high at stop signs, from the research I’ve seen it looks like it could be the TPS but I’m wondering if the previous owner installing an auto tuner because he rode from sea level to higher...
  2. Tech Q&A
    Cruising my 2016 Vegas at the lower rpms, closing throttle to slow down, then reapplying throttle, the engine gives a momentary hesitation, followed by a jerk as it comes alive. Turn out that the injectors are turned-off at full-closed deceleration, then are turned back on when the throttle is...
  3. Victory Vegas
    Hello fellow Victory owners. My wife has a 2008 Victory Vegas, Great bike until the last few weeks. The idle has started to surge very bad. The bike would idle from 1k to 2k in quick succession. After looking more at the bike. The intake boot under the Throttle body is not longer adhered to the...
1-3 of 3 Results