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  1. Victory Kingpin
    I have a 2007 Tour edition. I would like to remove the stainless trim piece. Has anyone done this? Is the fender painted under the trim piece? May also remove the strange wing on the front fender. Anyone done this?
  2. Victory Cross Country
    I live in SoCal and I am still searching for a XC trunk for my 2013 black gloss XC. Ready to buy and have no problem getting a non-black trunk painted to match the bike. Any suggestions, sellers?
  3. Victory Vision
    So I've had my Mustang seat on my 13 for a couple days and have tried it a little. Still stiff as any new saddle is but I think it is going to be great. Compared to the stock seat it is much less bowl like. The Mustang is more flat and doesnt hug you like the stocker. This gives me a more free...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    To start this off I want to warn everybody I'm doing this on my phone. So I took my cross country magnum X one and rode 1000 miles in 18 hours straight. Here's what I learned : My sunglasses were killing me by about the eight hour mark, the pressure point they put on the side of my head was...
  5. Victory Vision
    Hi from Spain, Last week, my bike passed the bi-yearly MOT test in Spain, that includes verification of wheels, brakes, tires, lights and exhaust noise. Curiously, for my bike the legal exhaust noise level stands at 80dB. My bike has the Stage 1-Level 2 exhaust, and at the test (2500rpm) it...
1-5 of 5 Results