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  1. Victory Magnum
    Happy Holidays to everyone 🎄 I have a Magnum X1 2015. Basically, my project is simple (that's what I thought at first), I want to get the Tour Pack speakers to work as well as the ones in the saddle bag. I got a "Y" connector from vtwinaudio.com. I was thinking that would be just a plugplay...
  2. Victory Vision
    My old lady thinks Im trying to dump her at every green light. I try to explain its not me... Its Lucille! [they are apparently very jealous of each other] Anyways.. anyone have suggestions for a backrest/sissy bar option for an 09 VV? short of as full tour pack? Thanks all!
  3. Victory Cross Country
    I’ve found the Holy Grail(in my eyes)! I found a gloss black trunk in great condition, and got it shipped to me in 2 days. It did not have a key for the lock but I was able to take the lock to a locksmith and have him reset the pins to my existing key. Cost me $20 and 30 mins of waiting. I’m...
  4. Victory Kingpin
    Does anyone know where i can get a quick release for my trunk? I mostly ride alone and dont want the large trunk on it unless i am riding long distances. Help Please!!!
  5. New Member Introductions
    Im looking for a cross country trunk any color please message me if you have one.
  6. Victory Vision
    Black Cherry - off 2008 - Immaculate - includes all hardware - need to lighten bike so I can continue riding - using funds to buy passenger back rest and rack. Ask is $1850 but open to your thoughts. Located on west coast of Canada - in Victoria, British Columbia ( NW and across the pond from...
  7. Victory General Discussion
    Trading in my GL1800 for a Vic. Seriously looking at the cross country tour because of it's versatility. I spend most time alone and will remove the trunk. Must have it for 2 up with grand kids. Also thinking of the Magnum and adding a trunk. Important to me is towing. I have a small flat...
  8. Victory General Discussion
    Has anyone ever moved their tour pack up to be the drivers back rest? I have been seeing that done on some Harleys and was wondering if anyone has done it on their Victory. Thinking about doing it myself but was curious if someone makes a bracket or has done the mod already. Post some pictures...
1-8 of 8 Results