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  1. Victory General Discussion
    Hi all, I tried searching for the answer to this question but came up empty. My 2012 Hammer 8 Ball has 1.5" lowering links. After reading through the owners manual (page 51) it says that my ride height should be "120 mm (4 3/4 inches) +/- 3 mm (1/8 inch)". Is that still the correct height...
  2. Tech Q&A
    Hi all, I tried searching for the answer to this question but came up empty. My 2012 Hammer 8 Ball has 1.5" lowering links and after reading through the owners manual (page 51) it specifies that my ride height should be "120 mm (4 3/4 inches) +/- 3 mm (1/8 inch)". Is that still the correct...
  3. Other Victory Models
    A buddy of mine has a 2004 cruiser and he is looking for rear shocks. I am not sure if Progressive makes them and I don't know the dimensions. Haven't seen too many on parts websites. Anyone have an idea of a source that may still have them without buying used?
  4. Victory Gunner
    Love this bike, roads here on the coast aren't the best, lots pot holes an poor tar, so over winter I plan to swap the rear shock for a Penske. But for now I'm out every day, rain or shine. Mostly rain but laughing all the way.:biggrin:
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Guys, I have a standard 2016 Hammer S which is great bar the ride which is hard and crashy. Has anybody experimented with the suspension either end to improve it all please? Either tweaking the current set up or changing rear shock/front springs etc? Ian
  6. Victory Octane
    Hello all. Wondering if anyone has info on lowering this thing slightly. I recently bought a kingpin, and figured it would be worth it to make the Octane rideable for the wife. She's been riding a Suzuki S40 that's severely underpowered, but finding anything she can touch the ground on is...
  7. Victory Gunner
    I'm 6'6" and sadly just shy of 300# with my current spring tension, I often bottom out over bumps, so before riding season really gets underway, I'm going to bump up the preload on the rear spring. the question is, at my weight, will that do any good, or should I look for a new spring? If I...
  8. Victory Cross Country
    Hi everyone It is wintertime in the north, so time to start looking at some projects and upgrades while the bike and I are stuck inside for a few months. One "must do" task will be a new rear shock ..... the bag is blown in mine and I am not a fan of replacing with another factory unit that...
  9. Victory Magnum
    does anyone know what the stock length is on a rear suspension link for our bikes? I have a CCT link and want to cut it to drop the bike one inch. This one reads just over 13" from end to end Thanks!
  10. Victory General Discussion
    Don't get me wrong, it's great having 110 hp at the rear wheel, but the best mods that I've done is the suspension. I've posted previously how much I like the Penske rear shock on my Gunner. Now, I have the Traxxion Dynamics Ak-20 Cartridges in the front and they are fantastic. The front end...
  11. Other Victory Models
    I have a 2000 V92SC and in need of a new rear mono-shock. Are any other Vic models compatible? If not, is the V92C compatible? Having a devil of a time finding it. Thanks in advance for the assist.
  12. Victory Hammer
    Hi, I have looked at the threads about penskie and witch doctors shocks, but all I can find available in the uk is: Hagon shocks - they only list a 2009 - 2012 jackpot shock Nitron shock - 2015 high ball But none to fit my 2010 Hammer S I have checked the part number 1542555 but it is different...
  13. Victory Cross Country
    To make a long story short I went on the Vic Owners FB page to see what people had done to replace broken fork guards. Had a guy send me a link to Victory Wind Deflectors with built in fork seal guards They make victory XC Fork Guards/Wind Deflectors. I'm pretty much sold on them and am...
1-13 of 13 Results