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  1. Victory Vision
    Hi from Spain, Last week, my bike passed the bi-yearly MOT test in Spain, that includes verification of wheels, brakes, tires, lights and exhaust noise. Curiously, for my bike the legal exhaust noise level stands at 80dB. My bike has the Stage 1-Level 2 exhaust, and at the test (2500rpm) it...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    From an 06 Vegas I went to an 11 stock XC, i only dropped in the Lloyds air filter so far, the rest is stock. Looking to add big honkers, cam and timer. But i hear all this talk about stage 1 flash, pipes etc... What does these mean? What is a stag 1, 2, etc.. Im no tech guy but i want some...
1-2 of 2 Results