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  1. Victory Cross Country
    I did the Thrush Mod on both of our 2014 XCT's back in November but am just getting around to getting the pictures off of my phone and posted. Since the mod we've ridden to Phoenix, AZ and back along with many weekend and short trip miles. We are very happy with the sound and performance of...
  2. Victory Cross Roads
    I purchased my bike with stage-1 upgrade. (Pipes, filter and ECU flash) I live and mostly ride in Colorado with altitude between 5200 and 10 000 ft. Since day one I experienced a lot of popping during shifts or deceleration. Sometime, when I stop on long, long red light and then play with...
  3. Victory Vision
    I am close to buying a 2015 Vision here in LA and am trying to decide if I should get the Stage 1 exhaust conversion. It's $700+ $150 in labor. In this video, there is very little, if any difference in sound. Does anyone have some experience with this Victory exhaust and could share their...
1-3 of 3 Results