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  1. Want to Buy S&S intake 06 jackpot

    Looking To Buy
    I need a filter or I can buy the entire kit. Im in MN, 55128. Or if you know of another filter that would work, much appreciated. Im new to Victory, not used to not being able to find parts!
  2. Victory Octane
    So I just installed a Bassani Road Rage exhaust and a S&S intake on my Octane with a PCV controller. I was wondering if anyone with the same setup would be able to send me their map until I am able to get it tuned. I am using a map from Dynojet's website that has a similar set up, but for the...
  3. Victory Octane
    Hey guys, I see S&S has a nice high flow air filter out, does anyone have this installed? If so, did you have to remap the fuel system. Guess I'm looking for a review almost on how it sounds, instal and performance. Always looking for upgrades and the S&S is available now. No exhausts out yet...
1-3 of 3 Results