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  1. Victory Cross Country
    I’m trying to find a pair of Slip-Ons for my ‘12 CCT. I want the V&H Hi-Output 4 1/2”, and can’t find them anywhere online for sale. I’m out in Hawaii and it’s scarce over to to eve see Vic’s. I’m looking for deep sound and loud. I have stage 2 Vic Exhaust. Any recommendations for other types...
  2. Victory High-Ball
    brand new here, have 2014 highball with aftermarket swept pipes. Why has no one tried to cut exhaust and basically fake the gp’s? Seems like your options are the nasty radiant slip ons with a huge space between pipes or spend the big $$ for the real deal. Take it easy on me haha Cheers
  3. Victory Octane
    I've been looking for slip-on exhausts, but want to avoid getting one that requires remapping. I have been eyeing Maverick Crusher slip-on exhaust for the Octane. What I am worry about is that slip-on exhaust may cause the bike to run too rich. I've came across different YouTube videos on...
1-3 of 3 Results