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  1. Victory Boardwalk
    Hey All, I'm wanting a better suspension setup as I'm a tall, heavy guy. There are some progressive 465's available locally but I'd like to make sure they will be enough of a difference and get advice on best setup configuration. Cheers, CFB
  2. Other Victory Models
    A buddy of mine has a 2004 cruiser and he is looking for rear shocks. I am not sure if Progressive makes them and I don't know the dimensions. Haven't seen too many on parts websites. Anyone have an idea of a source that may still have them without buying used?
  3. Victory Octane
    Hello all. Wondering if anyone has info on lowering this thing slightly. I recently bought a kingpin, and figured it would be worth it to make the Octane rideable for the wife. She's been riding a Suzuki S40 that's severely underpowered, but finding anything she can touch the ground on is...
  4. Victory Octane
    Looking for anybody who has put longer shocks on their Octane. I am thinking putting on shocks which are 13 mill longer than the stock shocks (which I measure at 265mm eye to eye). Obviously that raises the rear of the bike. I can't see it causing any issues and in any case I have taken the...
1-4 of 4 Results