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  1. Victory General Discussion
    The old seat on my '13 Cross Roads Classic just isn't cutting it for longer rides, so I purchased the Ultimate Mid Riders Seat. All I can say after about 200 miles in the saddle is Wow! Sure wish I had upgraded the seat years ago.
  2. Motorcycle Parts
    In very good condition, came off of a Highball, so it’ll fit many of the 106 steel frame bikes.
    $200 USD
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Just picked up new to me 2013 Victory Vegas and looking for some recommendations. I ride as often as possible in Canada and looking to add some comfort features like a better seat, sissy bar and luggage rack. Wondering if anyone can make some suggestions and even provide some photos of...
  4. Victory Vegas
    I'm thinking of getting another seat for the 2004 vegas and what years fit the 2004? Are they all the same between all the vegas bikes? I may even take my original seat and have more padding added as well as a stitched seat cover. But, also thinking just leave the original alone and buy a new...
  5. Victory Octane
    Just got an email from Saddleman seats stating they don't make seats for the octane, was wondering if another bike had the same seat mount? Or if anyone knows where I can find a good aftermarket seat.
  6. Victory General Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone know where I may be able to find the Victory Solo Mission Seat - Red for sale? Or am I pretty much out of luck with that? Thanks!
  7. Victory High-Ball
    Ever since I bought my Highball - I've been shopping for new seats. I finally fond the one: THE WALL - and by BMC/corbin They usually make stuff for Harleys, but were more than happy to make a one-off for the highball. They had great customer service (so far) and were very responsive and...
  8. Victory General Discussion
    Hi All... New to Victory and this thread. Recently purchased an 05 V92TC and love it but would like a little more comfort in the seat. I've converted past bikes to a mustang wide solo and found these very comfortable. Unfortunately Mustang isn't making seats for this bike. Does anyone have...
  9. Victory Kingpin
    TL:DR -- Is there such a thing as being 'too far forward' on a bike? Everything comes down to personal preference. I was just wondering what people think about rider position on nonstock seats. I just installed the Corbin rider/passenger seat with backrest. I am in love with this seat. So...
  10. Victory General Discussion
    Hi All, Just looking into some seats for my HighBall. I've come across BMC Corbin seats. In particular - "The Wall" seat. It can be seen here: BMC / CORBIN I've been talking with them, and they can and will make this seat for the Highball. Anybody have any insight on these seats on any...
  11. Victory Octane
    purchased my octane last week, had no idea parts were going to be this hard to find.
  12. Victory Cross Country
    Help/suggestions/ Advice -all appreciated- I have a 16 Cross Country. I'm 5'4 with a 28ish inseam/ leg length. What seat would you recommend that would bring me closer to the bars and put my feet on the ground more. I am also looking at the 2' pull back handle bars. Much appreciate yours...
  13. Tech Q&A
    So I'm thinking about buying a new seat for my 13 and putting its seat on my 08. The 08 seat I believe is a low and it doesn't have a backrest. While I realize I can add a backrest to it too it is just not exactly what I want. That's why I have been throwing around the idea of getting either the...
  14. Other Victory Models
    I have a Mustang seats for the V92TC for sale. Good shape, also have backres. Best offer over $249, SOLD SOLD SOLD
  15. Victory General Discussion
    The stock XCT seat fits me just fine, but I want a narrower front of the seat to help with getting my feet down when straddling the bike and not feel splayed. I see wider, thicker, push up close, set back, etc. but I'm either overlooking narrower or I'm going to have to go with a custom...
  16. Victory General Discussion
    So maybe I am just bad at internet, or maybe this information isn't assembled anywhere. At any rate I've dug around long enough and come up with nothing so I'm asking you, the brain trust. My 07 Vegas 8-ball has a seat on it that looks like it is ostrich leather. I am assuming it's from a...
  17. Victory Octane
    Hey, everyone. I searched but couldn't find any matching threads. I'm trying to get my seat off so I can send it to Mean City Cycles to hopefully make it more comfortable for long hauls. The problem I'm having is getting the bolt loosened up on the front of the seat. I've applied penetrating oil...
  18. Victory Vegas
    Does anyone have the deluxe passenger seat? My wife dent like the standard seat and is wanting something better. Wondering if it is a good seat or should i just save and buy a Mustang seat.
  19. Victory General Discussion
    I have these parts for sale to raise funds for our church. I have no clue how to price them, and which model will it fit. I am in Enterprise, Al. I can be reached via text at 334-701-2998 Saddle Bags are in great shape and features turn signal lights. There is an electrical connector at the...
  20. Victory Cross Country
    I am looking to buy the back rest for my wife. I am looking for something that goes about mid back. How high up on the back with this go on a 5' person. Also how does your rider like it. At the asking price I want to make sure its the right thing before I buy it.
1-20 of 21 Results