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  1. Victory Vegas
    Hey all. I am new to the forum here having just bought my 09 Vegas 2 or so months ago now. Bare with me on this post as Im giving all the info I can. Just after I bought it, the license plate/rear turn signal plastic fender extension had broke with one of the turn signals falling off. I had...
  2. Victory General Discussion
    Friend has 1984 Yamaha venture(heavy bike), other dude has a Yamaha Stryker.... Love em both, and y'all have most likely seen me say check your ego before you get on the bike..... All I've heard for a while is how that 84 venture can whip my ass, dude on Stryker really never said much, but I...
  3. Victory Vegas
    Hi everyone I ride a 07 Vegas Premium. Well last night the right front OEM turn signal just snapped while on a ride. I never liked the look of them anyway, and now its time to replace them. Where can I find front turn signals for the Vegas and which do you recommend? Should I attempt to...
1-3 of 3 Results