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  1. Victory Vision
    My 2013 Vision has started to have a problem when it is cold. After the bike warms up it goes away. I can do down the road in 4th and a good cruising city traffic speed and the bike will hiccup, cough, stutter, miss or whatever one wants to call it, It started after I got a new tank of gas, so...
  2. Tech Q&A
    I have a 2004 victory Vegas, It has a stroker kit and a big bore kit. I am not sure what size as I bought the bike with the kits already installed. The ECU had been flashed from the shop for the mods but it did have the usual exhaust popping when I bought it so I installed a power commander 3...
  3. Victory Cross Country
    2012 XCT, 36,000 miles. Always maintained. Been running great...no problems. Went to take her out this morning and it started a little rough...not concerned...yet. Took it to the post office and she killed on me when going around the corner. Started and wouldn't stay running. Finally got...
1-3 of 3 Results