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  1. Victory General Discussion
    I just completed my attempted resurrection on my 04 kingpin. I changed the pump and filters, cleaned the throttle body, and changed oil. It already has new plugs and wires. And battery. Now with reassembly I'm still getting zero fuel pressure.. that's zero with a capital z on the gauge HELP
  2. Tech Q&A
    2016 CCT Recently bought. Had to replace the regulator from OEM (broken) to an aftermarket. After changing, the bike squeals at 3,600 RPM. Slightly the same at 1,800 RPM (much quieter and shorter RPM band). All trim pieces are fully affixed and not vibrating. No clue so here I am...
  3. Victory Cross Roads
    Does anyone know if I have to remove the chin spoiler AND the two side pieces in this image to get access to the voltage regulator/rectifier on a 12 XR?
  4. Victory Cross Country
    Initially, the bike would start just fine. But if not started over a few days, the battery would drain. I would charge it up over night and it would start again. Recently, I charged the battery over night and still had to jump start it. The volt meter was showing that it was between 11 and 12...
  5. Tech Q&A
    Victory Vegas 8-ball 2006. On a ride today, had the check engine light come on. Tried to make it back home but didn't. Battery was drained. Charged the battery for a couple hours. Started bike. Volt meter shows no charging while bike is running. 0.5 volt decrease. I figure there is a...
  6. Tech Q&A
    At 11,000 miles the engine light code is intermittently coming on with a 168 code which sounds like voltage regulator. It has done this 4 times in the last 1000 miles so it hasn't gone bad yet. Now I can take it to my dealer ship and I am guessing they will replace it with the same one which as...
1-6 of 6 Results