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  1. Victory Cross Country
    Anyone out there want to get rid of a set of Freedom Performance Exhaust True Duals (BLACK) and/or a Conquest UD Pulley that would fit my Cross Country (Hard Ball)? As I understand the Freedom's are a little too loud for some folks, thought someone out there might have some to get rid of. I'm...
  2. Victory General Discussion
    Ok guys and gals, the time has come! Scott has finalized pricing and we have our first run underway!!! We are running a pre sale special where the pulleys are $309! We are expecting them to be shipping in about 3-4 weeks and our first run is for Narrow Tire bikes as they have the most demand...
  3. Victory General Discussion
    I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that we have found a manufacturer and we will be starting production on our underdrive pulley at the end of this month! I know a lot of you have been wanting these and I apologize that we had lost our previous builder at the peak of the riding...
1-3 of 3 Results