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  1. Tech Q&A
    I've replaced the rocker arm (front cylinder exhaust) as well as the air intake (ness) and also the fuel line. I've tried to start it but, but it doesn't want to idle, and doesn't sound quite right. (See video). It won't run without giving it some throttle. This 2013 Victory High-ball also...
  2. Tech Q&A
    I installed a Barnett clutch kit, pressure plate, heavy duty spring, and Lloydz primary support plate on my 2012 CCT. I soaked the friction plates 24hrs and installed everything per the service manuals instructions. My issue is that the clutch does not disengage when the clutch cable is adjusted...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello, My name is Tomas and I live in Czech Republic in Central Europe. And of course sorry for my bad English. I am contacting all of you for advice when I am finding a solution for my specific problem. I believe that there are skilled mechanics among you with many years of experience can...
  4. Tech Q&A
    Reaching out for help as to what’s wrong with my bike. Recently installed a new battery as the old one was dead and while I was at it replaced the starter solenoid. Bike ran smooth for 2 weeks, until a few days ago. Bike worked Thursday and I rode it home, Friday morning no start. The lights...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, this seems to be the world of knowledge when it comes to victory. The dealerships don't seem to know what's going on. Before I hijack this forum area where do I post problem threads?
  6. Victory Octane
    I finally got my tach installed today. Little back story.. I ordered it with my bike, but it was backordered for a month so I had them send it to me instead. Finally got it in the mail, and started the install. Found out that the dealer cross threaded my seat screw so after breaking a T...
1-6 of 6 Results