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  1. Victory Vegas
    I am probably digging my own grave and should have posted here months ago. *I am not mechanically inclined* I recently just added the Lloydz Torque Tubes with K&N Filters, Lloydz Timing Gear, and a Power Commander V on my 13' Victory Vegas 8 Ball. I have not gotten it dyna tuned yet, and loaded...
  2. Tech Q&A
    Ok Guys. New here so I apologize if this is somewhere else, and any help is greatly appreciated. So I put some Vance and Hines slip on on my bike (took some modifying but got it to work) now I am noticing that at around 3800 RPMs my bike is cutting out and sputtering. This happens regardless of...
  3. Victory Kingpin
    Hey all, i recently installed a PCV and AT on my 2006 Kingpin and its running fannnnnntastic. I've been told by dozens of people to get into my PCV and advance the timing just a bit but when i hook up my PCV i cant seem to find a way to get into the ignition table, and nobody has mentioned that...
  4. Victory Cross Country
    I have the PCV But i dont know what to do with it. I am from San Antonio and dont know anyone here that can work on it. I have the flowmaster glasspack installed. Have but not installed the high flow air filter Have but not installed the PCV I dont know if i will Install the air filter and...
  5. Victory Gunner
    Has anyone added speakers w/ amp, PCV, LED lighting (headlight & turns) w/ load equalizer? If so, where did you hide all the boxes? And how is it working for you? How taxing is all that to the stator and battery?
  6. Victory General Discussion
    Has anyone installed the Cobra Fi2000 yet? And what do you think about it? Fi2000 PowrPro Black | Motorcycle Fuel Management | Victory High Ball (12-13) | Cobra USA
  7. Victory General Discussion
    Hello all, I've installed a Power Commander V (PCV) on my 2009 Kingpin, however it is not getting power from the bike and the bike just turns over but will not crank. With the USB cord hooked to my laptop, it powers up and the bike will start. I have the ground connected to the negative...
1-7 of 7 Results