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  1. Victory Cross Country
    For the new people on this forum who may not know, I have been making how-to videos for my 2014 Cross Country Tour since I bought it new. I currently have about 60 videos, some also posted on the WitchDoctors website. I hope you enjoy them, maybe give you some ideas and help you save time and...
  2. Other Topics
    When I met Paul Sr I mentioned here he told me the show was coming back but he didn't say when. I just ran across this on Jr's site. News - Paul Jr Designs
  3. Victory Cross Country
    I get quite a few requests for videos and one of the more popular ones was how to remove the rear wheel from my Cross Country Tour. At first I wasn't going to make one because I am a Darksider and ride with a car tire on the back and I didn't want to start any wars on this subject. But lately...
1-3 of 3 Results