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  1. Indian Scout
    In the spirit of a long American History of Bobbers and Choppers, now that Victory and Indian are both purchased under Polaris shouldn't we start a exchangeable parts list between our beloved Scouts and other parts. We love our engines and our bikes but we want to look different and see if we...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    Hey Guys! So I wrecked my bike this fall, laid it down trying to avoid a car that pulled in front of me. I'm trying to find some parts and I cannot find some to save my life. I'm wondering if anyone has anything that I'm looking for or any sort of leads on where to find some. Also some opinions...
  3. Victory Kingpin
    Hello! First time Victory owner! Just purchased an 05 Kingpin and the insulators are bad. Getting mixed bag on parts availability etc so if anyone does their own work and orders parts....please post a couple good links. In particular I need polyurethane riser insulators...not the OEM rubber...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone know where I may be able to find the Victory Solo Mission Seat - Red for sale? Or am I pretty much out of luck with that? Thanks!
  5. Victory Hammer
    Hi all, So I'm against a wall looking for solutions. Fork seals on my 09 Hammer S are in need of replacement, local shop informed me that the kit has been discontinued. This has become evident in other places as well, (2009 Victory HAMMER/HAMMER SPORT ALL OPTIONS (V09HB36/HS36) Suspension...
  6. Victory Cross Country
    Would any one happen to have a XC Super low seat (Item #2880770) for sale? Thanks, TT
  7. Victory General Discussion
    Would any one happen to have an XC Super Low seat for sale? Thanks, TT
  8. Victory General Discussion
    This company posted on another forum that I visit. I inquired about any Victory parts they may have, and they replied that right now they are parting out a 2007 Victory Jackpot (including parting out the engine due to external damage). Maybe a place to keep in mind in the future. Los Angeles...
  9. Victory General Discussion
    I went to local victory dealer today to order some items for a 2016 CC. All items were discontinued, the cost would have been about $3500, makes me wonder about parts in the future.
  10. Tech Q&A
    If and when Polaris decides to not honor there word of providing parts for 10 years. Could someone give me a list of parts that I should stock up on before its too late? I'm riding a 2016 Gunner. Thanx
  11. Victory General Discussion
    I am looking for aftermarket accessories for my first victory (xc 8 ball). I found Rusty Jones, witch Doctors and victory only online. Any other companies that specialize in Victory parts? Any recommendations on what company is best to deal with? (I am in Canada) Thanks
  12. Victory General Discussion
    I have the black on my bike. My dad has the chrome. When I go to rallies, people are always asking me about these; thought I would share one of my favorite RF Custom Parts this morning. http://www.rfcustomparts.com/exhaust/ Contrast cut flat black. Super cool tri-oval design! Fits all Vision...
  13. Victory General Discussion
    TheVOG.net members only - get 10% off RF Custom Parts! Rfcustomparts.com
  14. Victory Cross Country
    Hey fellow XC guys, I am looking to buy take off or damaged parts from Cross Country's and Cross Road bikes. I am looking for saddle bag hinges, cheese wedges, rear fender, 21" front wheel and fender, side covers, chin spoilers (all parts) lowers, forged bars, and a few other miscellaneous...
1-14 of 14 Results