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  1. Victory Hammer
    Does anyone know the name of the matte red paint(name of matte black also), on 2012 Hammer S? I can't seem to find a definitive answer keep getting multiple choices (Sunset red, Indy red, Havasu Red) I've check colorite and they don't have anything listed.
  2. Victory Gunner
    Does anyone know the Suede green Metallic paint code? I know victory doesn’t like to release them, just hoping somebody knows it. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Victory General Discussion
    So, like an idiot, I had a rain cover in a bag, bungeed to my the back of the passenger backrest on my last trip down to the Tail... it naturally sank down and sat on the rear fender where it vibrated back and forth all the way down to GA, and back to NY. Made a nice scuff on my rear fender. The...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    This is the second part to our How to buff and polish scratches video. As always any questions just ask & I'll try to help you out.
  5. Victory General Discussion
    I've never owned a bike with a flat paint finish like the Suede White Frost on the 2015 XC I'm thinking of buying. There's a sticker on the gas tank that says Suede finish changes over time. Does that mean that it fades differently than a normal color with clearcoat? What special care does it...
  6. Victory General Discussion
    Even Victory executives have admitted that they tried to go on the cheap on painting their bikes and the quality is not what it should be. I have to agree. I have a 2013 black Cross Country Tour and I have found the paint finish and quality to be less than desirable. I washed and waxed the bike...
1-6 of 6 Results