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  1. Victory Cross Country
    I accidentally backed my 2016 into my bench vice and caused a 1/4 inch chip on the corner of my back trunk, and a scratch with it. Can anyone direct me to where I might find the right paint to make it go away?
  2. Victory General Discussion
    So, like an idiot, I had a rain cover in a bag, bungeed to my the back of the passenger backrest on my last trip down to the Tail... it naturally sank down and sat on the rear fender where it vibrated back and forth all the way down to GA, and back to NY. Made a nice scuff on my rear fender. The...
  3. Victory General Discussion
    This is the second part to our How to buff and polish scratches video. As always any questions just ask & I'll try to help you out.
  4. Tech Q&A
    I have a 2013 Judge. Swede Nuclear Sunset. I put an approximately 2 inch scratch on the rear fender. It the width of a bungee cord hook (guess how I scratched it). Any ideas on how I can get some touch up paint? Or are there other alternatives short of repainting the fender? Kicking myself.......
1-4 of 4 Results