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  1. Victory General Discussion
    Sooooo what filter is the best, Surprise, surprise ... For the last few years on this forum many people have tried to convince about reusable steel mash filters, but i just cannot do it I used to buy over priced K&N paper filters shipped from USA but i started reading about cheapo fabrication...
  2. Victory Hard-Ball
    I have a 2016 High Ball. I was on the actual Victory website and it claimed the 100-106 Engine oil kit was not a match for my bike, even though in the kit, it uses 20w-40 semi synthetic and the Oil filter part number it recommends. Does anyone know why it would say its not a match, but will sell...
  3. Victory Jackpot
    Hello my bothers/sisters and if your reading this then perhaps your not very happy but not to worry. I sincerely hope I can provide a comprehensive means to help you work through this perhaps saving time, money and your emotions. Please kindly take a little of your time to rate my submission and...
1-3 of 3 Results