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  1. Victory Hard-Ball
    I have a 2016 High Ball. I was on the actual Victory website and it claimed the 100-106 Engine oil kit was not a match for my bike, even though in the kit, it uses 20w-40 semi synthetic and the Oil filter part number it recommends. Does anyone know why it would say its not a match, but will sell...
  2. Victory Jackpot
    I am about to change oil in my 2010 Jackpot at 15,000 miles. I've been using Castrol full synthetic 5W-40. I am planning to use Castrol full synthetic 0W-40. Any comments on either oil, or warnings about detrimental effects would be welcome. My shop manual says to use Victory 20W-40...
  3. Victory High-Ball
    I'll make this simple. Just looking for any input from those experienced in service.. I have my 2015 HighBall - recently bought it used with 750 miles. I rode it home; it's now in the garage with 800 miles. Owner never had it serviced at the 500 mile mark, so I bought the oil change kit with...
1-3 of 3 Results