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  1. Victory General Discussion
    FINNALY after paying my 2012 XR off I decided to install cams, intake, and exhaust. I decided to have @NOEMTZ tune my bike remotely. After a few conversations we got the schedule worked out. The cams would get here Tuesday and the tuning equipment would get here Wednesday and I would be ready...
  2. Victory Vision
    As the title states- if your on the fence, read! I purchased a lloydz timing wheel and air filter, and they are a great product. Eventually got a Doebeck afr+4. After piecing together under a year I thought I had a good combination to make a little more power to my Vision. It did seem a little...
  3. Tech Q&A
    Just got to work today and noticed a high pitch nose coming from my front head. Watch video, it sounds like dry valves or something metal moving dry. I commute 1hr should I risk ridding it home? Any advice on what it could be?
  4. Victory Vision
    I thought it may be beneficial to kinda track my repair progress being we are now orphans. 4-5-19 Crashed 4-7-19 Started Claim 4-8-19 Spoke to adjuster and Noe about getting the bike looked at. For those that missed the reason for the repairs I'll add my original post from the Hill Country...
1-4 of 4 Results