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  1. Victory Cross Country
    Back in 2013-at least through 2015 Arlen Ness made passenger floorboards that match the retro driver floorboards i have on my bike. Looking for leads on finding a set of the matching passenger floorboards. They stopped making them several years ago.
  2. Victory Ness
    Okay, getting a new seat for my husband Jackpot Ness and we called arlen and victory and they said the Ness fender and the Vegas jackpot are the same. We were looking at the Corbin website and they say none of their seats fit the Ness series. How can this be? Corbin claims the Ness fender is...
  3. Victory Kingpin
    First off, Happy Holidays to Vic & Pin Nation. I am wanting to replace my KP stock bars with the Arlen Ness chrome flybar (p/n 2878125-156) but according to Ness, they were produced for Vics and discontinued in 2010. I'm looking for help either locating this part number that you may have taken...
  4. Victory Ness
    I looked around in the news threads and in the Ness thread and no one seems to be panicked or anything lol. While shopping for my new Victory, I noticed the 2016 models had none with any custom paint or Ness models. I ended up buying a 2015 Ness Magnum (I don't mean that to sound like it was a...
1-4 of 4 Results