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  1. Other Victory Models
    I have a 2003 V92TC that is experiencing a drastic drop in fuel economy. Hadn’t paid attention to it in a long time but noticed I was filling up every couple days or so. Checked it on the last tank and only got 100 miles on one tank, 4 gallons. Should be getting 40mpg or better. I mean, at least...
  2. Tech Q&A
    At around 83,000 miles, SCREAM was only returning 34 MPG with leaking exhaust pipes. I put new stock pipes on her and in the last 1,000 miles the MPG is still averaging around 34. Over SCREAM's life, she's averaged 40.5 MPG. Her MPG return has only decreased in the last 3,000 miles. Is...
  3. Victory Cross Country
    Running a Ragin Cajun exhaust. Is there a way to fix this, for example getting a PCV and getting it dynoed and remapped. Thinking of getting the Lloyds ATW but not sure if that will help my situation. Or will getting a different exhaust set up help?
1-3 of 3 Results