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  1. Victory High-Ball
    brand new here, have 2014 highball with aftermarket swept pipes. Why has no one tried to cut exhaust and basically fake the gp’s? Seems like your options are the nasty radiant slip ons with a huge space between pipes or spend the big $$ for the real deal. Take it easy on me haha Cheers
  2. Victory General Discussion
    Does anybody know if I can put a '07 or newer bullet style headlight bucket on my '05 Kingpin that has the 7" round headlight? Would it be plug and play mod or would it take some other additional mods to make it work. I really like the looks of the bullet style headlight buckets and would like...
  3. Victory General Discussion
    Hi Vic world - looking for any input here. I have a 25" sissy bar with a back rest that should be arriving within the next week or so. Going to mount it on my Highball. I've been looking for a bag that I can mount on the back of this bar with as much storage space as possible. After some...
  4. Victory Hammer
    Currently running Stage 1 Straight Pipes on a 2013 Hammer 8 Ball. Looking to change the exhaust completely to some Ground Pounders, or short straight pipes right off the engine block. My question is, where can I find the information to remap my bike on my own or is this something I should...
1-4 of 4 Results