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  1. Victory Octane
    I will get my map posted up in the morning. Had the bike dynotuned with the Bassani 2 Into 1 exhaust and trask air cleaner. 127hp and 114lb/ft torque after tune. Feels like a new bike. Just ordered big bore kit. 1279cc with larger injectors and forged flat top pistons. Winter project for up...
  2. Victory Octane
    I have a 17 Octane with Bassani 2-1 exhaust and a Trask intake. Wondering if anyone has a map for a like set up that they could send to me? Thanks in advance
  3. Victory Cross Country
    Has anyone come across or developed a map for a Power Comander 5 for these components: - TriOvals - Lloydz air filter - Lloydz timing wheel It's for an otherwise-stock 2010 Cross Country. Thanks Drifter
1-3 of 3 Results