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  1. Motorcycle Parts
    I’m selling PCV 19-009 ($400). Autotune AT-300 (450) , Lloydz timing wheel ($150) Preowned. Should work for all Cross bikes 2010 and newer. Had on my bike for about a year.
    $1,000 CAD
  2. Victory General Discussion
    I am experiencing what seems like excessive engine heat and I was hoping for some advice. I recently (1-2 weeks) added a Lloydz Timing Wheel set at 4. I also use 93 octane gasoline and I disconnected the O2 sensors as suggested. The heat seems to rise up just beneath my right thigh. Initially...
  3. Victory High-Ball
    Yo what's up Vog Fam, I hope & pray yall are riding out there safely. I just wanted to seek some advice from yall regarding the Lloydz Timing Wheel. If you can see from my previous posts I already have upgraded my HB with exhaust & PCV with a custom intake etc. But when I take off in 1st gear...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    Besides the complaining, I have a few questions. So I finished putting in the ATW on my 07 Vegas. Good god...... That was a ridiculous pain in the d!ck. Ive done a ton of mechanical work, from cars and trucks to working on all sorts of stuff in the oilfield, but Ill tell you what between...
1-4 of 4 Results