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  1. Victory Vegas
    I need a little help, I don't know how to remove the chrome handle bar weight at the end of my throttle grip, Going to install Lloyds quarter turn throttle spacer And in all of my preparation I can't figure out the first step. ‍♂️hoping for a little help. I've tried twisting with my hands and I...
  2. Victory General Discussion
    On the Witchdoctors website, there are two different types of throttle rings for sale (4 if you count the aftermarket grip versions of each). Two are the Lloydz brand, and the other two are something else. They're currently offering a free non-Lloydz ring with purchase of grips. Planning on...
  3. Victory General Discussion
    Checking the list to see who has been naughty or nice.
  4. Victory General Discussion
    Click HERE: Hi-Performance Parts - Featured - Your #1 Source for US Made, Custom Victory Motorcycle Parts
1-4 of 4 Results