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  1. Other Victory Models
    I am working on my brothers 2000 v92se and he installed LED bulbs in the turn signals. He is not getting hyper flashing. I have tried to wire in load resistors to the front in the head light bucket. I used my multi meter to find the ground (black) and the signal trigger wire (blue) and the Brown...
  2. Victory Vision
    Anybody know how to filter out the radio interference caused by LED Headlamp Bulbs? I tried ferrite collars on the connector plug wires, but it did not help. I would rather not go back to halogen lights. Thanks!
  3. Victory High-Ball
    yo yo, what’s up Vog family. So, I’ve been doing some searching and studying for installing some LED driver lights to the top of my handlebars. I went to my local bike shops, but way too expensive. Out of all the places, lastly, I visited Wal Mart;) For just $10 I bought these two awesome LED...
  4. Victory Cross Country
    Decided I wanted something that was higher and to the outside for better visibility for those in my blind spot. So myself and Ben Diaz installed these LEDS on the inside of dash just above the speakers. Total cost approx $70. using two 3.6", Ampd Flex super bright LEDS from Radiantz. Took...
1-4 of 4 Results