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  1. Victory Octane
    Today i started spitting oil. Not alot until i started moving. When i stopped at red lights i watched under the bike and in that short time there is probably about a quarter cup of oil under me, not from a stream but rather drips from where it leaked and built up. I initially started freaking...
  2. Tech Q&A
    I’m currently working on my 2012 victory highball. I’ve removed my gas tank to work on my air box. I’ve fully disconnected my gas tank, and placed it upside down on a towel to keep it from getting any scratches or dings. There are 2 vacuum lines on the underside side of the gas tank (which is...
  3. Tech Q&A
    So I bought a used 2014 Cross Country, 11,000 miles on her, and I discovered there's oil coming from the seal between head and the cylinder, right below the front exhaust port. I've heard of the "porous head" issue but that seems to be mostly with 2013 and earlier bikes. Obviously I'm over a...
1-3 of 3 Results