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  1. Victory General Discussion
    I was looking to purchase some mini floor boards from Kuryakyn for my Hammer. The splined peg adapters I needed we out of stock till 10/10. I emailed Kuryakyn asking if the 10/10 date was a real date or should I order different ones. They replied that they were confident they would be in on...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    i bought a kuryakyn backrest from jp cycles but they have no mounting brackets along with 10 other companies including witch doctors and victory only. Does anyone have these brackets they are willing to sell or know of a part that fits in its place any help will be great
  3. Victory General Discussion
    Got the Kuryakyn Bahn Tuxedo set added to J-Lo today. Really good quality machined pieces (unlike the thin tin covers from the factory). Also added Lloydz timing wheel while I was at it. Overall a fairly easy job. Took my time, followed written instructions and watched the Paul Pomerleau...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    On the Witchdoctors website, there are two different types of throttle rings for sale (4 if you count the aftermarket grip versions of each). Two are the Lloydz brand, and the other two are something else. They're currently offering a free non-Lloydz ring with purchase of grips. Planning on...
  5. Victory Cross Country
    Hey everyone. Just wanted to post a quick update of the latest and greatest update ive done the old mistress. I snagged a set of the new bag tail lights from Kuryakyn. I gotta say these things make the ass end look pretty good to me. Bright as hell and make it easy for everyone to see. Super...
1-5 of 5 Results