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  1. Victory General Discussion
    I just completed my attempted resurrection on my 04 kingpin. I changed the pump and filters, cleaned the throttle body, and changed oil. It already has new plugs and wires. And battery. Now with reassembly I'm still getting zero fuel pressure.. that's zero with a capital z on the gauge HELP
  2. Victory General Discussion
    I had a bit of a debate recently with a buddy of mine who is a Harley tech. You see, I just picked up my first victory. A 2004 kingpin that I got for next to nothing cuz it's been sitting for years. He went off when I stopped by his place (bike still on the trailer ) talking major trash on...
  3. Victory Kingpin
    I am currently looking at this 2004 kingpin. Does anyone here have any idea what the knocking in this video may be?
  4. Victory Kingpin
    '09 Kingpin Low. Had the bike for just over a year now. I have noticed that during moderate braking, the rear tire comes loose quite easily. I am a new rider (1 year), but my son is an experienced rider, and he has noticed the same thing when he rides it. This happens during moderate...
  5. Victory Kingpin
    So I’m beginning to finalize my plan for adding Cams to my 04 kingpin. I already have a PC II and torque tubes. I will also install Lloyd’z VM1 cams with RPW 2-1 slash cut pipes. What all do I need to do tuning wise? How can I adjust ignition timing?
  6. Tech Q&A
    Last fall my 2005 Kingpin with 43k miles would not start, just popped and backfired; changed the spark plugs, checked the spark, replace the two rubber vacuum caps on the right side of the throttle body (they were both cracked) and cleaned the throttle body. I pulled out about half an ounce of...
  7. Victory General Discussion
    @ctguy recent posted a question if it's worth getting a Vic with worries of getting parts. Well I just spoiled my 17 year old 04 Kingpin (75k+ miles) with a brand spanking new $800 Penske Racing Shock from Conquest. She's gotten pretty beat up with the old stock shock right from the showroom...
  8. Victory Kingpin
    So my steering head bearing has developed a notch a dead center and I am replacing the bearings and races in my 05 Kp. I have a manual and the parts but I haven’t done this in 25 years and when I did it before it was for a dirt bike ... so I am. little apprehensive to start with out the special...
  9. Victory General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I am moving to Texas later this year, just south of Austin. Can anyone recommend a good Victory mechanic down here? I own 2 Vic’s...an ‘09 Kingpin and a ‘13 Zach Ness Cross Country. Looking forward to exploring Hill Country and beyond!
  10. Victory General Discussion
    Who did this?!
  11. Tech Q&A
    It might be this should be in another forum. Please move if that is the case. Victory owners are going to have to be creative to source replacement parts. Especially electrical items. If you need the small switch on the handlebar brake master cylinder it is used on several other motorcycle...
  12. Victory Kingpin
    I have a 2007 Tour edition. I would like to remove the stainless trim piece. Has anyone done this? Is the fender painted under the trim piece? May also remove the strange wing on the front fender. Anyone done this?
  13. Tech Q&A
    Just wanted to post this so if people searched they could find some measurements and comparisons for the steel frame lowering links.
  14. Victory Kingpin
    hey guys. I have a 2005 kingpin anniversary edition. My bike recently started having this loud noise from the engine that starts shortly after starting to ride, and stops once I shut the engine off. It sounds like a rotary motor and is coming from above the engine area... any thoughts as to...
  15. Victory Kingpin
    Hey gang, newbie here. I have a 2004 Kingpin that I bought used. It had the badging removed and I really like the black logo that's used on the octane model. I was hoping to use that to replace what's gone.....anyone have any idea if it can be done or are the curves all wrong? Any help would be...
  16. Victory General Discussion
    New have another issue. With this 2006 Kingpin Deluxe This bike has been stored for a year and the battery was new when we stored it. We cannot jump it into starting. Is there something i should be doing differently maybe the chokeor any secret you might know
  17. Victory General Discussion
    I just inherited a 2006 Kingpin from a relative that got sick after it was bought. I was told it was stored and rarely ever rode. My question is on the odo1meter... Are the number only the miles or is the last number the one that counts the 1/10 Of each mile similar to that of a car. I would...
  18. Victory Kingpin
    Greetings everyone! Is anyone selling any OEM floorboards? I just purchased an 09 Kingpin that the owner put pegs on. Not sure if I will need to put a different shifter or rear brake pedal on to accomodate the boards so if they come with everything I will need that would be best. Also in search...
  19. Tech Q&A
    Hey guys, So I've spent a bit searching through the forums for an answer, and I have no doubt that this has probably come up at some point, but I only have so much time to read until either my boss or my wife rips me a new one- so I'm just going to throw this out here in a new thread... I've...
1-20 of 43 Results