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  1. Victory Judge
    Have purchased a 2in extension kit but the black rod for gear change is to long. Any recommendations where i could purchase a made to order size. Need 160mm to 170mm in black Thanks
  2. Victory Judge
    Fellow Judges, I want to install an OEM Tachometer onto my 2012 (2013) Judge. Does anyone know which Victory part numbers are compatible, or are the all the same? I have seen Part No 2877652 Cross Road (only) and 2878210 (no model) however these look the same. Only concerned that the tacho will...
  3. Tech Q&A
    I had a problem in my 2013 Judge last weekend. I have decided to go for a ride just 60-75 miles round trip. While coming back, the engine light started showing up and Big pops from pipes couple of times. I was sure that the sound isn't normal and seems something happening. I pulled over to...
1-3 of 3 Results